Little Bay

Virgin Gorda offers all the beauty and serenity of a true tropical paradise.

Welcome to Little Bay

The private island feel without the isolation
Suppose you’re looking for a private island experience without the complete isolation that comes with it. In that case, you’ll love the residences of Little Bay on the exclusive island of Virgin Gorda. One of the most beloved of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda offers all the beauty and serenity of a true tropical paradise. Their bustling town ensures residents have everything they need right at their fingertips.
The Little Bay Estates residence is an exclusive seven-acre stretch of beachfront property in the picturesque northeast corner of the island. The various single-family homes within the estate come with premier, high-end amenities and ultra-contemporary designs, giving homeowners that sense of luxury and refinement that they’ve been looking for.

What to Love

  • High-end and luxurious home amenities
  • Idyllic and picturesque scenery
  • World-class beach access
  • Private island lifestyle

People & Lifestyle

Once residents fly into the Lettsome International Airport, cross over on the local ferry and water taxi, or even hop off their personal boat, they are immediately struck by the distinct island charm that Virgin Gorda offers. This one-of-a-kind island brings together the numerous cultures that have played a role throughout its history, creating an unmistakably Caribbean culture.
While Little Bay is on the main part of the island, the property itself is only accessible by boat, which helps to give it a private and exclusive feel. The views in this area are unbeatable, with picture-perfect scenery surrounding residents on every side.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The dining scene in Virgin Gorda is unarguably one of the best in the British Virgin Islands, with an eclectic blend that ensures everyone will find something to love. CocoMaya, in the heart of Spanish Town, is by far one of the most popular eateries on the island. Their beach-chic atmosphere and outstanding menu - which includes dishes like duck nachos, pad thai noodles, and steak fries - leave guests planning their next trip back before they even leave.
The Pavillion is another local favorite. Here guests can enjoy an elevated approach to classic Caribbean cuisine with dishes such as fire-roasted lobster with pepper sauce, a charcoal-grilled rack of lamb, and Caribbean chicken curry with pickled mango. Make sure you also save room for dessert because the coconut tiramisu is astounding. Top of the Baths Restaurant is the go-to breakfast spot on the island with a menu that includes Amaretto french toast, Tunisian eggs, and a steak and eggs option done to your exact preference.

Things to Do

Residents staying at Little Bay Estates have every local recreational activity and entertainment option at their disposal. The Baths are certainly one of the most popular attractions in the area. This natural geological wonder is a set of pools right at the seashore created by jaw-dropping granite boulders. A series of ladders scaling the boulders help guests easily reach the pools, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.
For local diving enthusiasts, the Wreck of Chikuzen is a fantastic site. The 246-foot Korean refrigerator boat is now bustling with local sea life and is an excellent way for explorers to spend an afternoon underwater. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, you could always visit Devils Bay, National Park. This 58-acre preserve is located at the southern tip of the island and is a great place for hiking, swimming, and snorkeling.


Families living on the British Virgin Islands are dedicated to ensuring their children receive the highest quality education possible. This is evident in the number of highly-rated schools in the area, including:

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