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Enjoy some of the most stunning ocean views, pristine landscaping, and high-end amenities.

Welcome to Cooten Bay, Trunk Bay, Belmont, Long Bay, and Shannon

Find your dream home in this beautiful island paradise
Prospective buyers looking for their dream home in paradise will adore the serenity, beauty, and luxury these one-of-a-kind estate communities in Tortola can offer. These private and elite communities allow homeowners to enjoy some of the most stunning ocean views, pristine landscaping, and high-end amenities. Single-family homes in these first-class neighborhoods are some of the most high-end on the island.
First settled by Dutch Buccaneers in 1648, the island was later taken over by a group of English farmers in 1666. In 1672 it was annexed by the British Leeward Islands and was granted a civil government in 1773. Nowadays, the island’s culture is a mix of the numerous cultures that impact its history, creating the perfect blend of European, Caribbean, and African elements. This unique way of life, combined with the unbelievable scenery and island tranquility, is what makes Tortola and the British Virgin Islands one of the most popular destinations in the world.

What to Love

  • Luxurious estate communities
  • World-class beaches
  • Fun and Vibrant island vibes
  • Private and secure homes

People & Lifestyle

Residents living in these high-end communities are, for the most part, made up of upper-middle-class and upper-class professionals. While there are many retirees in the area, the majority of residents are professionals working in executive and management positions. As a result, they have come to expect the best, and these communities live up to their every expectation - with luxurious amenities, world-class clubs, private beaches, and countless opportunities to enjoy the stunning beauty this island has to offer.
These elite residential communities are considered some of the most affluent areas on the British Virgin Islands. The world’s wealthy have turned these islands into their playground, and with good reason. Not only are some of the most beautiful homes made available to them, but the BVI is also considered a verifiable tax haven. This is because there are very few tax laws in the territory, and income tax for both individuals and businesses is set to zero. While there is land tax and house tax on the island, they very rarely exceed $100 annually. This is especially important for anyone looking to invest in a second vacation home without worrying about excessive yearly tax payments.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The dining scene in Tortola is one of the most vibrant and eclectic in the British Virgin Islands, with numerous world-class restaurants right outside these high-end communities. Long Bay Resort is one of the most popular local spots. 1748 restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience, serving their take on authentic and elevated Caribbean cuisine. You could also grab a delicious hand-crafted cocktail at their beach bar, which also regularly features live local music.
The Sugar Mill Hotel is another popular spot that offers two distinct dining experiences. The first is the Sugar Mill, a fine-dining restaurant serving their approach to New American Cuisine with dishes such as local conch in a garlic butter sauce, smoked oysters, and scallops in champagne sauce. The second is Tramonti, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant right on the water. Their menu includes delights such as moules mariniere, steak fries, and chicken parmesan. 
Pusser’s Landing at Soper’s Hole Marina is a fantastic and fun choice for residents looking for a more relaxed experience. Their dinner menu includes delightful dishes such as Caribbean nachos, conch chowder, and a whole grilled rack of lamb.

Things to Do

Residents living in these elite communities will have no shortage of things to do during their spare time. Cooten Bay is one of the best surf spots in all of Tortola. While the surf is best left to more experienced riders, the beach is also a great place to bring the family and watch these professionals in action while others enjoy the beautiful warm sand or a quick dip in the smaller waves.
Long Bay Resort is another popular place for locals to enjoy an afternoon or evening out. Grab a drink at the Beach Bar before you head out for one of their exquisite beachside massages, yoga, surfing, hiking excursions, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more.
The Annual Poker Run is another highly anticipated event. Boats from around the area gather in the BVI for a boat run in which they pick up a specific card at every stop, with the best overall hand winning the competition at the end of the day. Starting small in 2002 with only 12 boats, the event has now become one of the most significant annual events, attracting boats from all over the Caribbean and beyond.


The many families living in the British Virgin Islands consider their children’s education to be the highest priority. This is evident in the highly-rated institutions found throughout the islands, including:

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