Things to Do in Virgin Gorda

Things to Do in Virgin Gorda

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  • 08/17/23

Virgin Gorda is a small island in the British Virgin Islands known for having the best beaches in all of the BVI. Characterized by clear waters, unique boulders, and a tranquil environment, the picture-perfect beaches are ideal for relaxation, and water activities such as snorkeling and diving surround the Caribbean island. Virgin Gorda has a vibrant community with a unique culture that embraces the island lifestyle. As a visitor or full-time resident, you can find areas to explore and adopt a slower pace of life with a focus on wellness and adventure.

Virgin Gorda has many activities to satisfy any traveler. For adventure-seekers, hiking in Gorda Peak National Park offers stunning views and the chance to explore the island’s natural beauty. Water activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding are also popular, as well as sailing or taking a day excursion to the nearby islands. For those looking for a more relaxing experience, the island’s beaches, like The Baths, are a perfect place to explore the rocky coast and swim. When you are visiting the island, be sure to check out these exciting things to do in Virgin Gorda.

For the whole family


Virgin Gorda, VG1150, British Virgin Islands

Eating out is a fun and relaxing event for the entire family. CocoMaya is an upscale Asian-inspired restaurant with live entertainment, beautiful outdoor dining, and an energetic environment. The restaurant faces west for the beautiful island and ocean views, minutes from the iconic Baths beach. The restaurant is an elegant and eclectic space with slate tiles, natural Leani vines, and exotic lumber to provide an atmosphere reminiscent of Bali. CocoMaya serves authentic Asian and Latin American cuisines with flavors of the Caribbean. Guests can find exotic seafood and fresh island fruits and vegetables. Dishes are served family or tapas-style, and the full-service bar creates signature tropical cocktails like lemon basil passion margaritas. Popular dishes include deep-fried tempura shrimp, seafood lettuce wraps, and house ribs.

Saba Rock

North Sound, Virgin Gorda, VG 150 Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Saba Rock, located in the heart of the British Virgin Islands, is a charming and iconic restaurant destination. Perched atop a small island in the North Sound, this establishment offers a unique and picturesque dining experience surrounded by stunning turquoise waters. Accessible only by boat, Saba Rock is famous for its fresh seafood, delightful cocktails, and laid-back ambiance. Visitors can savor their meals while enjoying breathtaking views, making it a must-visit destination for both boaters and those looking for a truly memorable dining adventure in the Caribbean.

Bitter End Yacht Club

N Sound Rd, Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Bitter End Yacht Club has been an upscale social and adventure club on the island for more than 50 years. Destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017, the club rebuilt and provides the same sophisticated atmosphere and appreciation for island nature. The club is on the North Sound, and the renowned waters are gentle, allowing beginners to learn and master water activities like sailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Members have access to premier sports, and it is a top destination for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and diving. The club also has incredible waterfront dining, including a classic sailor’s clubhouse and a sunken boat beach bar.

The Baths

The Baths is a famous beach with a shoreline composed of world renowned, granite boulders. At the island’s southern tip, this national beach park has cavernous molten rock formations that cooled and formed hard crystalline granite. The Baths is the perfect place to explore Devil’s Bay and has ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling.


Visit Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Bay is a luxurious and secluded destination renowned for its stunning natural beauty, upscale amenities, and lavish properties ranging from $3.95 to $27 million that are a must-see. This private resort offers elegant villas with panoramic ocean views, nestled within lush landscapes and surrounded by pristine beaches. Whether indulging in water sports or unwinding on the sands, Oil Nut Bay promises an exclusive and rejuvenating getaway. It also boasts incredible food options, featuring three restaurants, private chefs and catering services, and specially curated picnic baskets.

Water sports and activities

When you visit Virgin Gorda, there is more to do than laying out at the beaches. The island’s crystal-clear waters make it ideal for water sports and activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking are popular options, and you can rent equipment and take guided tours from several local companies. Charters for fishing are another popular activity as there are many excellent channels flush with native fish, and you may even spot wildlife like whales, sea turtles, and dolphins.

Dive to the BVI Art Reef

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands
BVI Art Reef is an underwater art gallery featuring a World War II ship that has been transformed into an artificial reef and art experience. The site is designed to provide rehabilitation to endangered marine life and a fun eco-adventure landmark that unites adventure and conservation. Divers can learn about the organization’s ocean efforts and take a diving tour through the ship and surrounding marine life.


Gorda Peak National Park

N Sound Rd, British Virgin Islands

Gorda Peak National Park was established in 1974 and has 260 acres of land and activities supporting recreation like hiking and scientific research. The national park encompasses the highest point on the island, Gorda Peak reaching more than 1,300 feet above sea level. The park is the last Caribbean dry forest, making its conservation efforts critical. Explorers can find endangered plant and animal species, including the world’s smallest lizard, the virgin Forda gecko. The area has low rainfall and constant low winds, creating a dry environment and an open canopy. Park guests can find beautiful hiking trails, famous lookout towers, and stunning picnic spots.

Copper Mine National Park

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Copper Mine National Park is a historical landmark on Mine Hill, including the copper mine ruins with granite rocks and deposits of quartz, tin, copper, and other clay. The mine was discovered in the early 18th century, leading to a mining structure that exists today but was closed in 1862 due to high operating costs. The national park is nearly 32 acres along the coast and features walking trails, ruins, and mine tours.

Find a home on Virgin Gorda

You can make Virgin Gorda your home or find a luxury vacation home to make your visit more enjoyable. Buying island properties comes with additional considerations about lifestyle, protection from seawater and natural disasters, and local regulations. All these nuances can be straightforward with the help of a local real estate expert.

RE/MAX Best Price Properties is a Virgin Gorda real estate team specializing in luxury waterfront properties. Learn about the island lifestyle and find a property close to all the activities you love.

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